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Updated May 5th, 2020

AT Level UP, our most important priority is the health and safety of our students, staff, and communities. If we are unable to provide a safe and healthy environment for on-campus learning we will not do so.

Our goal is to be transparent and fair, and to remain the highlight of your student’s spring and summer, on campus or online. We are here to make sure that your kids have something incredible to look forward to.

Should you be confident enrolling today? What if your plans change?

You can make changes to your camp up to 14 days before the start of your camp session. After that date a change fee of $50 will be applied.

FAIR CANCELLATION OPTIONS: If you cancel your camp registration more than 14 days in advance, you can choose to receive a credit on your family account for your full amount paid to date (which never expires). Respectfully, credit will not be issued for cancellations made after this windows.

CAMP CANCELLATION: If there is a camp cancellation due to Covid-19, you will automatically be rescheduled for the virtual version of that camp in order to make sure your child’s online space is confirmed. Given the lower cost of our virtual programs, you will receive a credit on your family account for any remaining balance (which never expires). If you need different arrangements you have the option to choose other dates or request credit for the amount paid.


What will you do to ensure the health of students and staff on campus?

In relation to our on-campus summer programs, each year we prepare for the possibility of a communicable disease affecting our programs.

Good hygiene habits, regularly disinfecting spaces, and frequent and thorough hand washing are easy preventative measures for all illnesses. We employ the camp industry standards of the American Camp Association and the recommendations of the Centers for Disease

Control. This year, we have incorporated the recommendations from the World Health Organization into our procedures. Further precautions may be put in place as the current health situation and public health recommendations evolve.

Our summer staff follows these protocols to prevent and respond to illness:

  • Staff confirms with families during check-in that their student is in good health, has not been exposed to a communicable disease, and has not had flu-like symptoms in the past 14 days.
  • Staff regularly wipes down and disinfects computer mice, keyboards, doorknobs, and commonly touched areas.
  • Staff escorts students to the restrooms before and after lunch, promoting frequent and thorough handwashing techniques: 20 seconds using soap and warm water. Hand sanitizer is also widely available.
  • Staff reiterates good coughing/sneezing etiquette (using tissue or covering coughs and sneezes with the fold of the arm).
  • If staff or students have a temperature of 100 degrees or greater or other relevant symptoms, they will be kept isolated while waiting to go home.

In the meantime, Level Up is offering a full range of virtual programs: Classes, Camps, birthday parties, and group classes. Our first Minecraft event last week was a huge success, and we will begin offering those weekly-we will send details by email, and on Facebook. Learn more at www.leveluplearning.io

This pandemic is a challenge for all of us. We know many families and businesses will be facing great struggles in the months to come. Level Up will also be challenged through this situation, and we appreciate your ongoing support.

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